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"Hello Dave,

I'd like to say how much I'm enjoying your book.  So many words of wisdom and it sounds so YOU.  I shall definately be recommending it to my students and some of my clients, two in particular who I feel are ready to move on.

Thanks for being
an inspiration."
Carol Scott (Psychotherist and Hypnotherapist)
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“Dave has written an encyclopaedia of motivation and achievement. Use The Five Pillars of Happiness as your companion to get you focused on what you really want and keep you going.”

   Fiona Harrold, internationally acclaimed Life Coach
          and best-selling author, Be Your Own Life Coach






“The author talks from his heart, revealing the true power of personal change.

He shows you how to release the blocks that are currently holding you back, transform your thoughts and turn your fears into tools that will help you achieve a new level of joy and happiness." 

                        Gerard O'Donovan,
CEO and Founder,
                                                  Noble Manhattan Coaching, 
       President of the IIC (International Institute of Coaching)




"The Five Pillars of Happiness is totally unlike any other book in its genre because it goes far beyond achieving your goals and being successful. It’s a wide ranging, fully comprehensive guide to enduring happiness. 'With the right mindset anything is possible,' Dave Robson explains. 'The key is to find the courage to do what you love, and what you are naturally good at.' With many examples the author helps you to see what’s stopping you, and actually empowers you to develop the attitude you need for happiness and success.


Dave tells it like it is, but his eloquent writing style and inherent wry humour make this weighty material readily digestible. If you’ve tried everything to sort your life out and failed, you need this book! And if you’re a coach or trainee coach, I suggest you put it at the top of your reading list.


This book will help a lot of people!"

          Jonathan Jay, Founder of The Coaching Academy,

                     Founder/ Chairman of NABO
                             (The Nationwide Alliance of Business Owners)

      THE FIVE PILLARS       
         OF HAPPINESS          

What's different about this book, and who's it for? Dave Robson, Author of The Five Pillars of Happiness, explains

Click the link below to watch the video

The Five Pillars of Happiness is the groundbreaking new book by Author and Life Coach,
Dave Robson. It's also a website which, as time goes by, we aim to develop into a global resource as well as a community of people who want to live more consciously.

The book, which marks a radical departure from others in its genre, has been no less than 15 years in development, and in creating it, Dave has drawn on more than forty years of personal, first-hand experience on his path of personal development and

Now Dave has recorded a video interview which explains what's different, who the book is for, what prompted him to write it and why he is uniquely qualified to produce such
a work.

To watch the video, click the link below:

There's lots more information on this website about The Five Pillars of Happiness and other aspects of Dave's original approach to coaching. We've divided the website into a series of pages with appropriate links in the left-hand column to make it easy for you to access the information you want - just one click takes you directly to the page you require.

Please don't be shy. Help us make this website interactive. E-mail Dave with your comments, feedback and queries. He'd love to hear from you.


The JC.com
Dave Robson has some life-changing advice

By Candice Krieger, January 13, 2011

Dave Robson has changed his life around for the better. And now he wants to help you do the same.

Life coach Mr Robson, 61, has written The Five Pillars of Happiness: Your New Life, Step by Step - a guide to rebuilding your life and achieving the right goals.

He tells People: "This book is different to others as it doesn't presume that it can change your life in an instant. It works around real life, creating subtle changes, gradually."

Mr Robson has practiced the art of meditation, experienced therapies and has studied under the Indian guru, Osho.

The book, he says, is based on the theories he has learned, his own life experiences and those with clients, plus intuition. "I have had many different careers since the 1960s, and when I got divorced in 1982 I decided to reinvent myself and studied life coaching and writing.

"I started writing this book 15 years ago but after learning what I have, I had to rewrite it - the final version was my fifth draft."

He encourages people to "listen to their heart. Your heart is just as powerful as your mind and you must balance it." He believes the book will appeal to anyone who is looking to find meaning in their lives.

"In this current climate of recession, people need guidance more than ever, and hopefully this book will help them to find their purpose quicker than I did."

The Five Pillars of Happiness: Your New Life, Step by Step, Wizard Publishing

5.0 out of 5 stars
Review by Gerrard O'Donovan, 1 Nov 2010
This review is from: The Five Pillars of Happiness: Your New Life - Step by Step (Wellbeing) (Paperback)
"In this life changing book not only will you truly find the path to your own purpose in life, you will also learn many techniques and methods to help you achieve this. The author really talks from the heart and via this book he reveals the true power of personal change.
He shows you how to release the blockages that are currently holding you back, transform your thoughts and turn your fears into tools that will help you achieve a new level of joy and happiness."

Gerard O'Donovan
CEO And Founder, Noble Manhattan Coaching
President of the IIC (International Institute of Coaching)


  5.0 out of 5 stars
Readable and Inspiring, 20 Oct 2010

This review is from: The Five Pillars of Happiness: Your New Life - Step by Step (Wellbeing) (Paperback)
The approach taken in this book is to spend time connecting to who you are before setting goals. I found the author's style heartfelt and realistic. What he says fired me up. I caught myself saying in response to sections of text ..oh yes that is true, I can do that. He explains the concept of finding 'your maximum creative flow' which led me to believing that if I have the courage to do what I enjoy doing then my creative flow will come easily.
This is a big comprehensive book on life coaching with chapter summaries and exploratory exercises. I found the sections that cover how to deal with 'not knowing what you want' , and how to understand my resistance to taking action particularly useful.

5.0 out of 5 stars Getting on track., 16 Nov 2010
This review is from: The Five Pillars of Happiness: Your New Life - Step by Step (Wellbeing) (Paperback)
Dave Robson's book, The Five Pillars of Happiness: Your New Life -Step by Step is very inspiring. It is great to be able to dip into the book if you are going through a particular problem with your life and you need some strategies to get you back on track. There are many exercises that focus on ways to gain clarity and focus. I found Dave's own story motivating and felt that he understood, through personal experience, how to transform your life into something that brings happiness to you. I highly recommend this book. It is like having your own personal life coach to consult at anytime.
 Overall rating: 
 5 out of 5
 5 stars out of 5
The Five Pillars of Happiness, Your Life Step by Step
21 October 2010 
I imagine a good life coach finds out what's important to you, what your blocks are and supports you to create the life you want.
For me this book is the next best thing to seeing a coach, in that it offers exercises that helped me get in touch with what's important to me. It took me step by step from finding out what I'm passionate about to making a plan and taking action. I found the chapters on 'What Stops you?' and 'Go deeply into your resistance' particularly useful . It put words to what I already knew inside and helped me focus on the action I need to take to move towards my goals.
I like this book. it's readable, heartfelt, believable and comprehensive.


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